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August 5, 2010

A visit with my friend Carmelo

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I went to Italy yesterday to encourage my friend Carmelo Anastasi and would up being encouraged by him!

In May the former treasurer of the United Church of God informed Carmelo Anastasi and me that he wanted to visit Carmelo Anastasi Italy and Germany and have us (Carmelo and I) accompany him on his visits (i.e., Carmelo to Germany and me to Italy). I made arrangements for the domestic European flights needed for the trip and paid for them. Then at the end of June the treasurer informed us that he would not be visiting us after all because of a job change. Since the flights were paid for with no refund, I asked our UCG-Germany National Council if I could visit Carmelo anyway, and my request was approved. With Carmelo having been informed that he would be receiving a substantial subsidy reduction from the USA, I suspected he would be discouraged, so I hoped to encourage him. Upon my arrival, I learned that he has instituted a virtual subscription list for new readers, already comprised of some 2000 email addresses. These people receive a weekly email offering them an article they can read on the internet. If they show sufficient interest, they can later receive a printed copy of the Italian "Good News". Carmelo is a resourceful fellow and he is doing his best to adapt to and cope with the new situation – and admirably so, I might add! I was encouraged by his approach and came home with a new idea to present to our National Council at our September 5 meeting.

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