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September 24, 2010

Translating at the Feast

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One of the challenges we have at our Schluchsee Feast of Tabernacles site is to provide a quality simultaneous translation for our German-language members and foreign visitors.

Each year at the Feast of Tabernacles we provide a simultaneous translation either into German or English, translating at the Feast of Tabernacles depending on the language that the speaker is using. About a third of the messages given at the Schluchsee feast site are in English, and the rest are in German. We have a team of several bilingual speakers who alternate translating either into German or English (in the picture you see Jesmina Allaoua in the translation room to the side of the stage where she will translate a German message into English). We split the service into two parts, a first and second half, and there are two translators assigned per service. We try to have each translator translate into his/her native language, because that is usually much easier than translating from your native language into an acquired language, especially if you have to do it simultaneously. We know that we are not professionals, so we appreciate the positive comments from our overseas visitors on the quality of our translations.

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