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November 7, 2010

The A61 Autobahn bridge over the Mosel

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In the last 35 years I have driven over this bridge countless times, always impressed by its engineering.

The A61 autobahn runs from the Dutch-German border at Venlo to Hockenheim, where it connects with the A6 Autobahn. A61 Mosel bridge The A61 provides a convenient route from the Netherlands to southern Germany and points beyond, so it is sometimes called the "Holland line". The first time I drove on this freeway was in June 1974 when Monica and I moved from Bonn to Rheinfelden on the German-Swiss border. The autobahn was not completely finished and we had to detour using local roads for part of the trip. It was finished a couple of years later. The A61 bridge over the Mosel river is one of the most impressive autobahn bridges in Germany. Just over a half mile long, it carries traffic some 445 feet above the Mosel river valley. It is quite a sight to cross the bridge and see the river below. On the north side of the bridge there is a rest stop where you can visit some old Roman ruins dating back to around the time of Christ.

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