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January 21, 2011

A difficult birth

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No, this isn’t about a new arrival on the planet. Instead, it is about our "Fundamental Beliefs" booklet.

The short form of UCG-Gemany’s fundamental beliefs have been available since 1995. Film evening in Dormagen They are a translation of the United Church of God fundamental beliefs. However, we did not begin work on the expanded version of our fundamental beliefs in booklet form (including the supplementary explanation) until 2007. The expanded version was translated and then first published in installments in our German "United News", with the first installment being published in December 2007 and the last installment being published in February 2009. Then the booklet was typeset in our standard booklet format and given to our volunteer proofreaders and style checkers for their edits. It took over a year with two revisions before the final version of the booklet was ready to go to the printer. In the final version, several of the original fundamental belief statements were "tweaked" slightly for better readability, with the original meaning remaining unchanged. One of our members then suggested adding our church seal to the cover of the booklet. We had used the seal in printing our hymnal in September 2009. The color version of the seal fits well with the background for the cover, and we may do this for a couple of the other booklets as well. When I announced that the booklet had been printed, one of the proofreaders remarked: "That was a difficult birth!"

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