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February 5, 2011

Combined services in Schriesheim

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Today was the third annual combined winter service for the Darmstadt and Stuttgart congregations.

With sunset quite early at this time of year Germany (for a few weeks during the winter Schriesheim service sunset is before 5 p.m.) it is a good time for an evening activity after church services. Two years ago the Darmstadt and Stuttgart congregations of UCG-Germany met for the first time for an afternoon service, followed by a meal and an evening of nine-pin bowling ("kegeln") in the "Hotel zur Pfalz" in Schriesheim. Schriesheim is located just north of Heidelberg on the B3 federal highway and is easy to reach from the A5 Autobahn. We also have our combined Holy Day services for the Darmstadt and Stuttgart congregations in this hotel. The activity two years ago was so popular that we have made it an annual event, so today was our third time for a combined service, a meal and our evening of bowling.

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