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February 16, 2011

Grandson Sean’s Science Fair Project

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Today I visited my grandson Sean’s science fair project.

At Sean’s school the 3-5 grades participate in an annual science project, with each student preparing a project. Science Fair I was quite impressed with the various projects and especially with Sean’s. After all, I am his Opa! But I could have participated in his project instead of Sean using his dog Sam. Sean’s object was to see what kind of pizza his dog liked best, so he had four different kinds of pizza for the dog to eat. However, the conclusion of his sophisticated research was that the dog simply took the piece that was closest to him regardless of what kind of pizza it was. As a result, no conclusions were able to be made – at least not with Sean’s method for analysis – concerning Sam’s favorite kind of pizza. I told Sean that the next time he does this experiment for a science fair project, he can use me instead of his dog Sam. On the other hand, the result might be the same as with Sam, so for Sean it is probably more convenient just to stick with his dog for test purposes. :-)

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