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March 1, 2011

Dylan up close

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Son Ted’s visit to his nephew Dylan means some high-quality photos.

Son Ted has a high resolution digital camera suitable Grandson Dylan for taking print quality pictures. So whenever he comes over to sister Rachel’s house and brings his camera along for a family gathering, it is also an opportunity for some family photos. On this visit his new nephew Dylan was the main subject for photography, including this close-up photo of three week old Dylan. Dylan is a very contented fellow and does not fuss much except when he is hungry, and he does not mind being photographed, either (at least not at this early age). Without me knowing it, Ted also made a short video clip with his camera of me talking while holding Dylan. For his first check-up at the doctor being just over two weeks old, Dylan weighed in at 13 pounds, an increase of a little more than 2 pounds over his birth weight. The wonders of breast feeding! I wonder how his weight will jump once he starts eating solid food. He might wind up being a football (American) player! This photo is my temporary farewell to grandson Dylan until my next visit, which likely will be in late April or early May.

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