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August 17, 2005

Chairman of the board

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It’s that time of year again. August in Dallas. Pretty hot. Time to help my son Ted with another house project.

Last year it was a new fence around a lot that seemed to stretch on forever, especially since we had to dig out about 40 or so post holes and on several of them we hit old concrete. Not too good for a motorized post hole digger!

This year it is a wood floor in Ted’s new house. Instead of laying the boards in a straight line, Ted wanted them angled. It looks nice but is a bit of work cutting and fitting. To get the angle right, pattern board I made a "pattern board" to use in cutting all boards that meet the side wall in the main hall. And woe to the person who would take my board and use it for just a regular old board! So when I left after the first day of work, I left a message for son Ted to make sure that he did not use my board by accident. When I came back the next day, the board was right where I left it.

After 3 days – one full day and two partial ones – we have the main hall about finished and are proceeding into the kitchen and living room area. It’s fun being chairman of the board! Maybe I’ll do a project like this in Mobile or Bonn one of these days – more likely years!

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