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March 14, 2011

Daylight Savings Time

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This year America and Europe are out of sync on daylight savings time longer than in the past because of a change in DST for the USA.

DST began for the USA today, but it won’t begin in Europe for another two weeks. In the past there was a one week difference between the two regions. The difference in the fall will be one week, with Europe leaving DST on October 31 and the USA following one week later. This out-of-sync period means additional costs for many companies that have to make adjustments if they have offices overseas in Europe or vice-versa. With the additional time out-of-sync this year, some companies had to patch or manually adjust their systems in order for employees traveling back and forth between offices to have their PDAs on the same schedules. For me it means remembering starting today that for two weeks the time difference for the USA is not what it normally is. You would think that the USA and Europe would synchronize their DST schedules to avoid this inconvenience and additional unnecessary expense.

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