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April 28, 2011

Opa’s counseling session

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A trip to IKEA meant an opportunity for me to "counsel" my new grandson Dylan.

A flight to Dallas to spend a few days with our daughter and grandchildren Opa and Dylan meant a brief counseling session for Opa (me!) and my new grandson Dylan. A morning shopping trip to IKEA was on the day’s agenda and with his older brothers in school, Dylan had the chance to accompany his mom, Oma and me to IKEA. He wasn’t so interested in all of the furniture variations and furnishings, so at one point Opa and Dylan had a little chat while the ladies looked for stuff. In a little over two months he has gone from his birth weight of 10 pounds, six ounces to 13 pounds – all on mother’s milk! Dylan is a good-natured little fellow, he seldom fusses much. He reminds me a lot of his mom when she was little. The counseling session was interesting since Dylan is just now becoming aware of the sounds that he makes, so Opa imitated him a bit to see if he would respond. On this particular occasion he did not answer, but he listened very intently to what Opa had to tell him. It won’t be long before he recognizes the non-language exchange of sounds between himself and others.

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