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May 24, 2011

What a monster!

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Upon my arrival this morning at the Frankfurt airport, my Delta flight was parked next to a new A380.

I knew it would happen eventually, since the Facebook terminal had been prepared for the new A380 months ago. At the Frankfurt airport, Delta Airlines uses gates at the newer Terminal 2, and this morning an Airbus A380 was sitting at its gate next to our arrival gate as our plane was parked. The A380 is huge with two rows of windows. It actually looks like a converted military transport plane with a "fatter" fuselage. I don’t know what the seating configuration on the plane was, but the thought of being on a plane with 500 other people does not seem all that appealing to me. On the other hand, my mother’s influence comes through because if the airfare was lower on an A380, I might consider it! :-)

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