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September 7, 2011

Bavarians on the plane!

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Today’s Delta flight 14 from Atlanta to Frankfurt was a bit unusual.

Obviously I cannot count how many Germans are on the flights I take between Germany and USA, but today’s flight had a large number of Bavarians on the plane. How could I tell? By their distinctive Bavarian accent! Summer school vacation for Germany’s federal states is staggered on a rotating basis, but Bavaria always goes last. As a result, Bavaria’s summer vacation ends in September, and I guess a number of those on the plane were getting back to Germany for a few days rest before school starts again. Right before boarding they asked for one volunteer to be bumped onto a later flight to Brussels and then on to Frankfurt in exchange for a $600 flight voucher. I was considering it and was about to volunteer when a young lady holding a German passport beat me to the counter. A Bavarian, perhaps? :-)

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