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August 29, 2005

Hello Katrina! – Monday, 1:00 p.m.

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The wind has shifted and now is coming from the south, instead of east/southeast. Apparently Katrina has reached landfall a 2nd time on the Mississippi coast.

last step We have run out of dry land and just about out of steps in front of the house, too. There is one step left on the approach to the house and the water will be in the house, so Katrina has beaten Georges by a lot. We can hear objects bumping against the floorboards in the basement – they are floating down there. Since the house is now completely surrounded by water, we have no place to go but into the attic if the water continues to rise. We told my father-in-law about it so he would be prepared. About one hour ago I had to move the car away from the house because the water in the front yard had gotten so high that it was about to flow into the car. It is now about 500 meters away on higher ground. All of our neighbors – four of them, all relatives – moved their vehicles at the same time. To get them out, we had to remove a tree that had fallen across the road, hitting the power line. Our power line has been hit by four different trees in a stretch of road about 400 yards long. We have lost a number of shingles off the roof, but so far it is still holding up ok.

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