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January 23, 2012

Which track, please?

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For a few minutes today the Deutsche Bahn (German rail) had people wondering what track was really the correct one.

After meeting Scott Lockwood for breakfast at the Frankfurt airport on his return trip to Colorado from Malawi, I needed to catch a train Frankfurt airport train station from the airport train terminal to the Frankfurt main station for a connecting train to continue my trip for today’s member visitation. Trains run frequently on the 11 minute trip between the airport and the main station, and I was going to jump on a train to Hamburg that was 25 minutes late when I realized that another train on the opposite set of tracks would be leaving sooner. So I changed over – there are two sets of tracks separated by an overhead walkway. When I got to the other set of platforms, lo and behold, the same delayed to Hamburg was also listed as arriving one of those two tracks. I would have liked to get a photo of the other track announcement, too, but I would have had to cross back via the walkway and in so doing would have missed the train I wanted to take. I guess the Deutsche Bahn got it figured out by the time the delayed train arrived.

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