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January 29, 2012

I could have gotten arrested for this

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Not today, of course, but 30 years ago.

This morning I traveled from Leipzig (where I spent the night after yesterday’s church service in Hamburg) Zwickau train station to Plauen for a day-long visit with church members. Along the way the train stopped at the Zwickau main station. Years ago I used to be in Zwickau frequently (usually every 4-5 weeks) to visit our Worldwide Church of God members there. Most of the time I drove a car, but a couple of times I took the train and departed from this station. During the DDR period ("Deutsche Demokratische Republik", in English we just called it East Germany) it was illegal to take photos of train stations and especially locomotives. So years ago I would not have been allowed to take a picture from the train as it stopped at the Zwickau station. I partially made up for lost opportunities with this quick shot. Next time I’ll try to get the station sign as well, it was too far from my seat to get there and back for a photo during the short stop.

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