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May 27, 2012

Pentecost fellowship weekend

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35 people from 4 congregations in 2 countries met on Pentecost weekend at a youth hostel in Herogen, Germany near the Dutch-German border.

Pentecost fellowship weekend
 Beautiful weather enhanced the interactive
 Bible Study on Sabbath afternoon
Pentecost fellowship weekend
 35 people from 4 congregations in 2 countries
 enjoyed the Pentecost fellowship weekend.

The activity was scheduled a year ago, a necessity in planning because of advance bookings by groups on holiday weekends. Members from the Dormagen, Hamburg and Darmstadt congregations in Germany and the Netherlands arrived on Friday for a three weekend of fellowship. Meals were provided by the youth hostel kitchen staff. Beautiful weather made the daytime activities a pleasant outdoor experience. Yesterday (on the Sabbath) the group participated in morning and afternoon interactive Bible studies. The morning Bible study was a personality analysis based on the lion, beaver, golden retriever and otter scheme, with a discussion on the effects and challenges of different personality types re: Christian interaction as individuals and in a group. Jesmina Allaoua had translated all the material into German and prepared a brochure for everyone present. In the afternoon Darmstadt member Martin Agbezudor lead a Bible Study on the subject of the holy spirit. After the evening meal, the group gathered at the hostel amphitheater to sing hymns around a campfire. On Sunday (Pentecost) other members from the Dormagen congregation joined the group for worship services in the morning, followed by a barbecue noon meal and afternoon coffee and cake. 52 people were in attendance for the service, which was conducted in German and simultaneously translated into English for those guests who did not understand German. After the evening meal the group enjoyed an interactive Bible quiz.

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