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December 1, 2005

Like Opa, like grandson

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Getting a grandson to eat can be a challenge. Sometimes you have to lead by example.

paul feeding adrian As an Opa with four years experience, I am sometimes called upon to help out with various Opa chores, like at feeding time. During my grandson Adrian’s recent visit to Mobile, Opa was drafted into service. One evening Adrian didn’t seem all that excited about eating. Such behaviour is quite unusual for Adrian, since Opa thinks that he would eat all day if you let him. Anyway, on this particular evening, the thought of consuming yogurt when heartier fare could be had wasn’t appealing to Adrian, so Opa had to show him how wide he could get his mouth open. And it worked! He even started leaning forward in his chair with each bite. Boy, am I glad that this is a frontal shot of Adrian instead of me! :-)

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