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March 13, 2006

The Golden Rule (sort of)

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When you have a younger – and smaller – brother it can be helpful to realize that he might not always be smaller.

Sean and Adrian wrestling That’s the lesson Opa tried to impart to grandson Sean when Sean and Adrian’s playing "super heroes" took the usual turn of events: Sean winds up on top of younger brother Adrian, and Adrian wants to get away but can’t, since older brother Sean is more coordinated than he is. But since Adrian weighs about as much as Sean and is nearly 3 years younger, it is only a matter of time before Adrian catches up to older brother Sean in size. So Opa tried to explain that to Sean, telling him that he should only do those things to Adrian that he would like Adrian to do to him. Opa also explained that this is what we call the Golden Rule, and it is found in the Bible. Later, I overheard Sean telling his mom his version of what Opa had told him about the Golden Rule. "Adrian is going to get bigger, and he is going to sit on my head." Oh well, I guess he got that part right – or maybe he likes people sitting on his head!

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